True Adventure

Oceans ApartAt one time or another most young boys dream of going to sea. Their imaginations take them amongst swashbuckling buccaneers, have them spending weeks or months in a lifeboat after their ship was torpedoed in World War II, or, as they grow into their teens, sailing around the world with only a fair and willing young lass for company. Author Kevin McCarey had such dreams, tempered them with reality and spent years in the merchant marine sailing as a licensed deck officer.

Oceans Apart, is the chronicle of his adventures, told with a touch of humor and a lot of truth. Sail with him across the Atlantic and Pacific. Meet the modern day ship captain with a parrot on his shoulder. Discover the sheer terror of being on a ship loaded with bombs and ammunition and one of them, somewhere in the lower part of the ship, rattling around seeking an exit. And experience the wonders of the ocean world from its blue majesty to its fearsome storms.

All this and more happened to McCarey. You’ll keep turning the pages, looking for more, sometimes laughing out loud, sometimes pausing to reflect on the human condition, sometimes wistfully looking seaward, perhaps thinking, “Ah, the sailor’s life for me.”

Batten down the hatches mates, you’re bound for a daring and compelling adventure.


A True Adventure

by Kevin McCarey

  • Hard cover, 256 pp.
  • ISBN 978-1-889901-66-4
  • Price: $24.95

America's CupFirst, there were all the America’s Cup races, beginning in 1851 and leading to that of 2013. The excitement of each race is covered in separate, brief but concise chapters with simple, easy to understand language and a minimum of “yachting” terms.

Then, there was the America’s Cup match of 2013 and the Liberty ship Jeremiah O’Brien. Located in the heart of Fisherman’s Wharf at pier 45 in San Francisco, the Jeremiah O’Brien had a unique position — front row center.

There would be several races, plus all the pre- and post-race crowds. We, like most of San Francisco, looked on it as a chance to show the world community what San Francisco, and in our case the S.S. Jeremiah O’Brien, could do, hosting a world famous event. It would reaffirm both our reputations.

But, in 2013 everyone’s high expectations were quickly reduced by real world conditions.

This is the fascinating story of what happened during the 2013 America’s Cup match, why it happened and to whom it happened.


A True Adventure

by Capt. Walter W. Jaffee

  • Hard cover, 6 x 9, 320 pp., 220+ photos & illus., biblio., index
  • ISBN 978-1-889901-61-9
  • Price: $29.95

The Islands of the Sulu SeaA young man runs away to find adventure in the south seas — sea gypsies, heart-stopping encounters with giant lizards, dances in the jungle, smugglers and a shipwreck — it’s a feast of adventure, and all true!


A True Adventure

by Kurt Rose

  • Soft cover, 224 pp, 30 photos & illustrations
  • ISBN 0-9637586-01-6
  • Price: $14.95