Active Museum Ships

Steel Shark in the Pacfic - USS Pampanito SS-383The United States Navy fleet submarine was the ultimate undersea fighting machine in the Pacific during World War II. One survivor of this unique class of boats, USS Pampanito SS-383, is a living museum at San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf. Pampanito is famous for recovering more Allied prisoners-of-war from a sunken enemy ship than any submarine before or since. This book chronicles the history of the boat from her launching, through the war, to lay-up and restoration.



by Capt. Walter W. Jaffee.

  • Soft cover, 224 pp, over 100 photos and illustrations
  • ISBN 1-889901-16-4
  • Price: $24.95

SS Jeremaih O’BrienThis second edition is a new history of the Liberty ship Jeremiah O’Brien. Built in 56 days, launched in the midst of World War II, she was expected to serve for five years at most — if she was lucky. This new edition spans the O'Brien's historic voyages from the battlegrounds of Europe and the North Atlantic, the awesome preparations for D-Day and 11 landings on the beaches of Normandy. Then across a half century to her second life as a national landmark and her return to Normandy in 1994. As the last survivor of the great D-Day armada, she was the centerpiece of the 50th Anniversary events in England and France.


The History of a Liberty Ship from the Battle of the Atlantic to the 21st Century

by Capt. Walter W. Jaffee.

  • Hard cover, 416 pp., 200+ photos & illus., biblio., index
  • ISBN 1-889901-33-4.
  • Price: $35